Software engineering


Documentation Standards

RequirementsDocument: CustomersRequirements of the project.This can be & simple fill-in the blank form or sketcheor existing application/web to clone etc.Sample/Template downloadable to password provider

Afterreviewing requirements either Customer OR Intellisoft creates specification document based on the requirements document,discussion a other details if any provide

Guideline Document
for Developer
This document has overview of guidelines follow by developers at Intellisoft.

Core Test Plan
Uponcustomer approvalorinsist of testing application frohouseTester, we prepare Core Test Plan.Core test plan has basicfeatures usually a customer expects be working on his/herplatform/environment etc.

Detail Test Plan
A Comprehensive test plan provided for customers expecting a thorough testing of application with complex text cases in terms of data and output.


We can provide help file of the application.Applications those need instructions for installation or settings before/during/after installation will accompany a ReadMe document.


For large applications and features in the software, we will detail intricacies and samples, how to use etc.


Applications those need special instructions to follow each time they are setup or setup on new PC etc, will be provided installation guide to make it easier the installation process.

             Download Company Guideline Document:
             To download Guidelines document, please request a password from      
             Intellisoft, contact intellisoft sales team at
            * If this item is agreed in the contract then only provided. Not all projects need/expected to have this item.