Experience Development

Want to join "Experience Development" internship program, hurry-up call Intellisoft

Several candidates have shown interest in the program and willing to join the program.
        Please make a phone call to 091-9405840894 OR 091-217-2624713 to confirm your
        interest to Join this internship program.

Its paid program and has minimum of 6 months module, 8 hours a day engagement.

Those who want to go thr' how Experience Development will be useful, why and basic
        information can view the presentation at

Meet our First Candidate who completed Experience Development

    Amey Sonawane

    BE (CSE) Solapur University

    going to pursue my masters degree in USA.

  • An Experience Development program student, my experience with my overall implementation of theoretical knowledge in to practical.

  • Experience Development program is the best platform provided to me, learning and understanding of those technologies with use of huge number of available material here.

  • Overall all experience with Experiment Development program has a salutary effect on my future studies as well as career.

           We have only 3 technology platforms available at the moment
                 1) .net platform
                 2) Visual basic for Applications(VBA)
                 3) Flex with .net platform.

           The program is for those who want to take practical experience in either of above platforms. We do not teach
                  you above platforms, you must have basic knowledge and learnt either of above platforms.

           We will be taking max 4 candidates for Experience Development program. For more details and inquiries please
                  call 091-9405840894 OR 091-217-2624713. Mon-Sat 10:30 am-11:30 am OR 5:30 pm-7:00pm.
                  Sunday 10:00 am - 1:00 pm