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Intellisoft Prescription 2007 contains database files for entering patient demographics & prescription for medical clinics. This edition allows demographics & prescription to be entered. Also it keeps track of visits, drug information, generic drug information, frequency & special instruction as well. The special instruction allows entering text into 11 languages using Unicode textIt has facility to enter instruction in one of the eleven Indian languages i.e. Marathi(मराठी), Kannada(ಕನ್ನಡ), Telugu( తెలుగు), Hindi(हिंदी), Bengali(বাঙালি), Tamil(தமிழ்), Urdu(اردو), Gujarathi(ગુજરાતી), Malayalam(മലയാളം), Oriya(ଓରିୟା ), Punjabi (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਦੇ).

Each drug can be associated with generic medicine, this makes it easier to print/show generic medicine when a drug is selected from database. Special instruction are now available in Unicode font making it compliant with International standards of For the prescription printing, you can change margins, page size. Prescription can be print on pre-printed letter head and even print on plain paper in case you have saved Doctor information. There is preview prescription button if you wish to see preview of prescription before printing.

The initial database comes with about 10k drugs entered into database. Over 8k drugs have Generic Medicine associated with these drugs. There are over 2k Generic Medicines in the database already entered. You can always modify, add Drugs, Generic Medicine or their association. Each drug can have default value of Frequency , Special Instruction etc. Once set, selecting such drug in prescription, will bring the default values of Frequency, Special Instruction. Compact design on patient vital details entry with prescription tab(page) to enter prescription. Keep track of Visits and prescription history, allows copying previous prescription. Search patient by OPD No or patient name and get past prescription, visit date etc.

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16 July 2014, India Latest Release

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Last updated on : 16 July 2014, India Latest Release : Intellisoft Prescription DB V03.5 , Access 2007 database - July 2014 To download demo of Intellisoft prescription visit link and click on "Intellisoft Prescription"

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Intellisoft Prescription Editions
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           Description                  Demo     Intellisoft Prescription   Patient Management SQL

Backend Database Microsoft Access Microsoft Access Microsoft SQL Server Express
Limitation on Usage or Time 6 months Unlimited * Unlimited **
Support Support thr' blog ,forum and help file,
Paid Support Paid Support
No of Patients, Drugs, Generic Drugs, Patient Visits Limitation if any by Microsoft Access 2007, system resources #2 Limitations if any by Microsoft Access 2007 OR system resources #2 Limitations if any by MS SQL Server Express, OR system resources #3
Editions General Physician General Physician Physician, Gynecology, Cardiology, Ophthalmologist
No of Drugs 200 drugs and related generic medicines 10000 Drugs and related generic medicine 10000 Drugs and related generic medicine
No of con-current users 1 1-3#4 Unlimited#5
Certificates NA NA Yes
Query Form to analyze Patient Data NA NA Yes
Lab Reports by OPD No folders NA NA Yes
Database Backup facility Yes Yes Yes
Login form facility No No Yes
User Name,User creation,Change Password facility No No Yes
User Privilege facility No No Yes
Receiption Module No No Yes
Patient Visits Data Graph No No Yes
Referred Doctor Name,List No No Yes
Inputs by Medical Assistant or colleague doctor No No Yes
Database corruption possibility over the period and extensive usage #7 Yes Yes No

*Limitations if any by MS Access 2007 OR by resources on your machine
** Limitations if any by MS SQL Server Express OR by resources on your machine. By default Express edition is limited for 4GB of database size MS SQL Server 2008 Express.
#2 Microsoft Access has limitation of database size 2 GB and over
#3 MS SQL Server Express Edition has 4 GB limitation
#4 - Microsoft Access has limitations of no. of users that can use con-currently. This is essentially a desktop database. Any limitations are by from Microsoft.
#5 - con-current users limitations if any is from MS SQL Server Express, Your system resources.
#6 - The software is made for doctors practicing all specialization. In these editions i.e. Demo, Intellisoft Prescription advanced fields of Patient Management are not included.
#7 - For the Editions Demo, Intellisoft Prescription there are chances of database corruption. User has to repair database once in a week to keep it healthy. The other edition Patient Management SQL has rare chances of database corruption. But a regular back of database, once in a week is good practice.