How to write resume

Author is Sham Yemul:

Author is Managing Director of Intellisoft Computer Consultants Pvt.Ltd.

This article is brief introduction on what resume is, how it should be written and what it should contain. This is meant mainly for freshers resume.However some of the concepts can be adapted and applied for experienced ones as well.

Whenever you apply for job to a company, the first input that goes is a copy of resume. There are several stages after this which most of us are aware - resume screening initial screening call, interview rounds, salary negotiation and then selection. The first two stages where resume screening is performed and a initial screening call is made to candidate are important ones. If candidate does not cross these two, then there is no question of crossing further steps. In short, writing a good resume that makes appropriate impression of candidate is important and first step.This entirely lies with candidate.

To find out whether resume is appropriate, one can apply simple rule. Every word and sentence should speak up for itself and relfect what you want to say as a professional for the job you are applying for The first few blocks of resume should outline your work and personality.important information especially about the work done importantinformation especially about the work done, education should be given preference. They should appear before less priority information.For example, if you have worked on any project then that should appear somewhere in first 3rd or 4th block of resume. A less priority info might constitute personal info such as address.

A resume should not be too long nor too short. For example, a fresher resum should not be five pages long, nor should it be say only one page long. Sometimes you can exclude some info so that resume does not look long. For example, you may not include column titled languages known.A resume need not have most obvious info. This unnecessarily increases size of the info. For example,many resumes provide nationality as part of resume. This may be required for government jobs or persons who come from other countries.

Simple words and simple language is another important aspect.You may not use words that are difficult tounderstand or not commonly used. Scan your resume for difficult words such as clumsy words.The language should be simple to understand.Avoid long sentences. Use small sentences.Try to explain in small number of sentences.You may not repeat what you are saying using different sentences. This irritates the person who is reading your resume.Check for spelling mistakes and verify whether idiomatically sentences are correct or not. Badly spelled words make very bad impression.It shows that you are careless and not bothered about your job.Incorrectly formed sentences and idiomatically incorrect sentences also reflect your poor language.

Some things should be strictly avoided. For example, very long resume of eight to ten pages,fake experiences, very difficult language and very descriptive paragraphs. Each of these create nasty impression and resume is likely to get rejected. Reg. Office 340 A Sakhar Peth
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