Business Process

Business Process: We have 4 modules of business process


1. Fixed Price Process:

We request for requirements from customer via email, phone, web conference, skype. (for local customers we may arrange a visit at your site)
After getting requirements we prepare proposed solution with TaskList. TaskList is spreadsheet having approximate development hours of each task of the project. Once tasklist & proposed solution is finished, this is forwarded to customer for approval.
Few customers will like to clarify/revise assumptions, change scope of project and we provide revised tasklist, comments document.
Getting customer approval on TaskList, development hours & comments and Signing contract with terms & conditions. This will start the development of project.
After completion of project, files are installed on Client’s machine as decided in contract by either Client or development team.
Client Approval/Feedback on the development/application.
We believe and practice Iterative and incremental development and incremental development
Or Agile software development software development
If you have specific methodology to follow, let us know

2. Hourly Consultation OR Support Module:

Based on the nature of work and expertise needed, we provide quote of per clock hour for the
support/consultation. End of each week or month, you will be billed for the hours.

Our Services

What can we do for you?

Database Relation
Custom Relational Database design, analysis and code development using guidelines.
Windows Application
Windows Application Development
Database Optimization, Normalization and de-normalization that best suits your requirements & business needs.
.Net Application
.net Application/Web Development
CMS Web Development
Database website Web development using CMS like Joomla, DNN, Wordpress.
Static Website, Dynamic Website.

3. Dedicated Resource & Support:

We can provide dedicated resource that will be used full time on your site. A monthly bill will be raised for the dedicated resource used at your place.

4. Dedicated Remote Resource & Support:

We can provide remote dedicated resource ,the resource will utilize infrastructure at Intellisoft office.
Remote dedicated resource works full-time for your project & work. We can provide monitoring tools
and/or logs etc. A monthly bill will be raised for the remote dedicated resource.
 We raise a monthly bill for offline dedicated resource.For Pricing & Quote please contact